Are your parking lot lights too high and dangerous to be reached with a ladder?

Do you have bulbs that are flickering, dim or completely out?

Is the ballast making an annoying humming, buzzing sound?

Is part or all of you fluorescent sign out?

You save money by choosing a company who has the right equipment for the job.

McGervey Electric has bucket trucks available to provide prompt and reliable service for all your aerial electrical needs. Our trucks offer up to a 50 ft. range and are uniquely fitted to easily access areas that many other bucket trucks find difficult to reach. These capabilities save time and in-turn save you money.

With a 24 to 48 hour response time and the availability of 24 hour emergency service to our regular customers, you won’t be left in the dark.

McGervey Electric is fully capable of servicing all your electrical needs, from photocells to time clocks to digital controls. Our bucket trucks are operated by some of the best members of our team of professionals and are always fully stocked with ballasts and lamps. With McGervey Electric, your exterior electrical service needs will be handled quickly and efficiently.